Losing a loved one to an accidental death is a difficult and painful experience. Close relatives should be aware of their rights under Arizona law in the case of an accidental death in the family. Obviously money can not bring back nor replace a parent, spouse, or child, but financial compensation may be sought.

My AZ Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced at assisting families in wrongful death cases. Our attorneys seek full compensation for our clients who have lost a loved one, and are prepared to recover damages. Our Personal Injury firm has a reputation for providing understanding, professional representation for wrongful death cases.


AZ Wrongful Death Law

When a person dies because of the wrongful act or negligence of another person or entity, the surviving family losses companionship, financial providers, or affection.  Also, the burden of expenses and mental anguish, resulting from a wrongful death may fall upon close relatives.

Surviving spouses, parents, and children, under Arizona Law, may recover compensation for loss or damage including:

  • Income and services that have been lost and potential future earnings and services
  • Pain, suffering, grief, sorrow, stress, and anguish already experienced and may be experienced in the future
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of companionship, love, affection, protection, guidance, and protection since the time of death and in the future
  • Consortium loss for the surviving spouse
  • Medical expenses for injuries resulting in death


In some cases, family is able to recover punitive damages, especially if the actions of the negligent person or entity were especially extreme. This would be damages rewarded to punish the negligent party and to discourage future acts of the kind.


Our team will provide the full and personal attention that our clients deserve. Our attorneys provide outstanding legal service with and understanding heart and experience to help make the outcome to a terrible situation as best as possible. In a wrongful death case, getting complete compensation requires focus and much work to build a case. Our attorneys and staff will devote effort required to completely develop every detail of a case.



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My AZ Lawyers experienced attorneys are trusted and dedicated to serving even the highest profile cases in Arizona. Below is a wrongful death case represented by My AZ Lawyers personal injury attorney, Anthony Ramirez. 

Above:  ABC15 Arizona news broadcast. “Family Questions Surprise Police Shooting.” * My AZ Lawyers Anthony Ramirez is representing the family of Derek Adame.

Family Fights Back After a Surprise, Arizona police shooting killed Derek Adame **

Because of new police body camera footage, a police shooting from last year in Surprise, Arizona is resurfacing. The body camera shows what happened in the shooting incident on November 26, 2016. In this incident in November, police were called after receiving reports about a suspicious car. When Surprise police arrived, they said Derek Adame (20), became combative and tried to drive away. According to the police report, the officer claimed he was dragged before he fired shots at Adame.

What the body camera shows, is two officers surrounding Adame’s car, and officers are confirming the license plate is indicating the car is stolen. One officer approaches Adame’s passenger side door and orders him to put his hands up. Then, the officer gets into the car and shots can be heard seconds later. The car Adame is driving drags the officer for a short time and then crashes into a truck. The body cam footage shows the officer going into the car and then car rolling before shots were heard.

The family of Derek Adame is claiming the video proves negligence by the officer, and possibly excessive force. Adam’s family have filed a notice of claim agains the City of Surprise and the officer. Due to the on-going investigation into the shooting, Surprise police would not make any comments.

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