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I Got Hit By A Delivery Vehicle, Now What?

If you got hit by a delivery vehicle, your claim and lawsuit will proceed like a standard car accident claim with some differences. Unlike a car accident claim, an important difference is that you and your lawyer should spend some time decidin who exactly you will sue. If you got hit by a delivery vehicle, please do not hesitate to call My AZ Personal Injury, our attorneys are experienced and very knowledge about the next steps you can take.


Who Do I Sue?

In most car accidents, you only sue the driver who hit you. But in a case with a delivery vehicle that hit you, there are multiple people that you might be able to sue. You’d sue the truck’s driver, just like in any other case and you’d also customarily sue the trucker’s employer if the trucker was a direct employee. Employers are always liable for their employees. You’ll want to determine the identities of all the people involved with the truck, as well as considering how the accident happened.

Suing Trucking Company

In some cases, your lawyer may choose to sue the company and not the employed driver. Your lawyer wouldn’t sure the truck driver because it was the truck driver who was negligent and caused the accident. The lawyer wouldn’t make sure that the jury holds the drive responsible because in a lawsuit, you are looking for compensation for your injuries and not justice. It’s very important that you let your lawyer structure your lawsuit so you can get the maximum compensation for your injuries. The truck drive most likely didn’t crash into you on purpose, as it was an accident.

Independent Contractor

You would most certainly sue the driver, if the trucker was an independent contractor. You’re lawyer will still want to determine if there’s someone potentially responsible for the corporation to sue also. If a company hires an independant contractor, the company is usually never responsible. Depending on the contract, the company can also be liable for the independant contractor’s accident. Most contract will put that they are nor responsible for the driver’s negligence but they have some right to control some of the driver’s actions.

Most Common Causes of These Accidnets:

  • Make frequent and sudden stops and/or may need to backup.
  • Often need to park in inconvenient areas, which can upset the flow of traffic.
  • Significantly limit visibility of the road.
  • The delivery truck driver is inexperienced and/or fatigued.
  • The delivery truck driver intoxicated and/or distracted.
  • The road conditions are particularly poor.
  • The weather is especially adverse.

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