Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury in Arizona

Frequently asked questions about Arizona personal injury

Personal Injury Attorney Question:  Is Arizona a Fault State or a No Fault State?
Answer:  Arizona is a Fault state.  Therefore, no matter what amount of damages you suffer, you still can file a lawsuit and have your day in court.  Regardless of how much your auto accident injuries, the fact that Arizona in not a No Fault state, you can still file a suit for damages. 

Arizona Injury Attorney Question:  Does Arizona Require a Driver to Have Insurance?

Answer: Arizona, like most every state, does require auto insurance on any vehicle driven on Arizona roads.  Thus, having adequate insurance is very important and required.  Most likely, in you are pulled over in Arizona, the officer will require proof of insurance in Arizona.  Failure to have such Arizona auto insurance could lead to a ticket or arrest.

 What is a personal injury case?
Answer: A personal injury case stems from the negligent act of one party that causes harm to another. The injury can be either mental or physical.

If I was in a car accident, what do I need to do? 
Answer:  You should seek treatment for your injuries immediately. Keep records of all appointments, loss of work, loss of enjoyment of life, and ailments. You will also want to contact an attorney right away. Do not speak to the other party or their attorney or insurance adjuster. All communication shall go through your attorney.

The insurance adjuster called me – what do I do? 
Answer: DO NOT speak to them. Refer them to your attorney immediately. The adjuster will try to get information that may damage your case. Do not sign any paperwork or agree to any settlement without the advice of your attorney.

How do I know if I have a legitimate case?
Answer: Most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation. The attorney can advise you if your case is worthwhile and also guide you in the right direction as to what needs to be done.

Why is it important to seek treatment right away even if I do not feel pain?
Answer: In most cases you will feel fine at the scene of the accident. Soreness usually sets in after a day or two. It is important to get examined right away or the insurance company may claim that your injuries were not serious.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?
Answer: Most attorneys will take a personal injury case on a contingency basis. This means they do not get paid unless you receive some sort of settlement. The attorney will typically take between 30-40% of the settlement but this can vary depending on the firm and attorney that you choose. This also means if you don’t receive a settlement that you do not owe the attorney unless there were out of pocket fees associated with your case such as filing fees, copies, etc.