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Answer: Arizona, like most every state, does require auto insurance on any vehicle driven on Arizona roads.  Thus, having adequate insurance is very important and required.  Most likely, in you are pulled over in Arizona, the officer will require proof of insurance in Arizona.  Failure to have such Arizona auto insurance could lead to a ticket or arrest.
Answer: A personal injury case stems from the negligent act of one party that causes harm to another. The injury can be either mental or physical.
Answer:  You should seek treatment for your injuries immediately. Keep records of all appointments, loss of work, loss of enjoyment of life, and ailments. You will also want to contact an attorney right away. Do not speak to the other party or their attorney or insurance adjuster. All communication shall go through your attorney.
Answer: DO NOT speak to them. Refer them to your attorney immediately. The adjuster will try to get information that may damage your case. Do not sign any paperwork or agree to any settlement without the advice of your attorney.
Answer: Most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation. The attorney can advise you if your case is worthwhile and also guide you in the right direction as to what needs to be done.
Answer: In most cases you will feel fine at the scene of the accident. Soreness usually sets in after a day or two. It is important to get examined right away or the insurance company may claim that your injuries were not serious.
Answer: Most attorneys will take a personal injury case on a contingency basis. This means they do not get paid unless you receive some sort of settlement. The attorney will typically take between 30-40% of the settlement but this can vary depending on the firm and attorney that you choose. This also means if you don’t receive a settlement that you do not owe the attorney unless there were out of pocket fees associated with your case such as filing fees, copies, etc.

There really is no formula to determine what a settlement payout may be, because every single case is different.  There are, however,  factors that determine what a verdict may be or what you can recover:

  • Liability (who is at fault must be established)
  • Damages (type of injury, extent of injury)
  • Source of collection (the available insurance or assets from which damages may be recovered)
Arizona is a Fault state.  Therefore, no matter what amount of damages you suffer, you still can file a lawsuit and have your day in court.  Regardless of how much your auto accident injuries, the fact that Arizona in not a No Fault state, you can still file a suit for damages.

You should see your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes, even a few days after an accident symptoms appear due to injury. Do not ignore any signs that may require medical treatment. Next, call our personal injury law office immediately. Consult with an attorney before speaking to any insurance representative. Do not compromise your case by discussing details with anyone other than your lawyer. In case of hospitalization or an injured person unable to call, a friend or family member can call our office. Call for a free initial consultation with an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer. We can not only protect your rights, but we can determine if you have a case and how much it is worth.

It is possible to wait too long to take legal action for your injury. There is a required time set by law to initiate a lawsuit for personal injury. After this time period, you lose the right to claim compensation for an injury. Because filing a case is time sensitive, it is important to contact our law office immediately after an accident or injury. Time can be crucial, as each decision you make after an injury could impact your case and your future. The lawyers at our firm  are experienced in Arizona personal injury law and can help you by protecting your rights and recovering a fair compensation.

To estimate what your case is worth is difficult, because the value of your claim may include financial damages (medical treatment -past and present medical bills), lost wages or future loss of wages, physical therapy, or other economic needs incurred due to your injury. Sometimes  pain and suffering may also contribute to the value of the claim.   For a consultation and a precise value of your injury claim, contact our personal injury law firm.  After thorough research and a complete understanding of your specific case and injury, an attorney will assess what your claim is worth.  

Negligence is a term used with  personal injury legal issues. Negligence is the departure from ordinary, or expected behavior or care that results in injury to another. If you have suffered an accident or injury due to someone’s negligence, contact our personal injury law firm to discuss your rights. Call to schedule a free consultation with an attorney with the questions you have about your specific case. 

Typically, a personal injury legal process includes: 

Treatment and Proper Documentation: Our law firm will obtain all necessary records relating to doctor visits, any medical treatments, medical records, employment records, and any other documents related to your personal injury case.

Demand: A demand letter needs to be drafted for your case. Your attorney drafts a demand letter that provides the specifics of your case. What is included in the demand letter? How the accident/injury occurred, the extent of the injury, treatment received because of the injury, and how the injury may impact quality of life.  Also, all records pertaining to your case and the demand letter are organized and submitted to the opposing insurance company.

  1. Negotiation/Settlement: Your attorney negotiates a just settlement on your behalf.
  2. Litigation: If a settlement cannot be reached, the case may go to trial to be resolved in court.
This depends if there is any formal litigation. A lawyer may work with the other party and/or the insurance company to reach a resolution swiftly. Because each case is specific and unique, it really d0es depend on the complications of the case. In some instances, litigation can take a year or so. One could expect a more complicated personal injury case to take longer. The decision in some cases is up to the client to reject or accept a settlement offer.

Expect a consultation with a lawyer that will include conversations about the details of your case. You will need to provide details about your injury, all circumstances concerning your injury, and any medical treatment you have received due to your injury in order for the attorney to best represent your case. Be prepared to go over specific information pertaining to the case: the extent of your injury, any future health needs, any losses incurred due to the injury, medical history, and employment information.

The attorney will answer questions you may have and offer legal options and the personal injury laws as they relate to your case. Also, an lawyer will discuss legal fees and expenses. It would be beneficial to bring any medical reports that document your injuries including: diagnosis paperwork, instructions for discharge, medical bills, medial receipts, any documentation from where you received any treatment for your injury, a copy of police report, names and contact information for any witnesses, insurance information, and any documents you may have from insurance company for either party.

Many Arizona personal injury cases can be settled without having to go to trial. There are reasons, however, that settling out of court may not be the best option:

  • The injured plaintiff wants and chooses legal representation at a trial
  • There are disputed damages or liability in the case
  • The defendant offers no settlement or an unreasonable settlement 

Your lawyer will communicate with you throughout the entire personal injury legal process. Our firm will help you understand the status of your case and if a trial could happen. In the case of a trial, our team will be completely prepared to represent your case. 

Yes, there is a time limit. It is called Statute of Limitations. You must file your personal injury lawsuit within this time. Once the Statute of Limitations has expired, you may not file a lawsuit. In Arizona, the Statute of Limitations depends on the type of accident.