Getting a just compensation for a personal injury that happened as a result of an accident or by another person’s negligence means retaining an attorney who is experienced in Arizona Personal Injury law. Not only do you need a lawyer with experience in Personal Injury cases, but also one who will protect your rights and always work with your best interests in mind in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular situation. Other reasons to hire an attorney for your Personal Injury case include:

10. You need an objective 10 reasons to hire an attorney

In personal injury cases, it is important to have an attorney who is objective and can evaluate the case clearly. An effective lawyer is able to provide the representation required to assist you in making the best decisions on your behalf. This professional judgement and knowledge of the law ensures the proper compensation for your injury.

9. Assistance to save you time.

Typically, a personal injury case involves reviewing records, files, communication with insurance companies, or obtaining medical information. Not only does the attorney know what is needed to successfully defend a personal injury case, but also makes a commitment and has the resources to ensure that every detail of the case is examined.

8. Some Personal Injury cases involve a trial.

When you have suffered due to an injury, you need a dedicated law firm that will aggressively defend your rights and seek just compensation. If a personal injury case goes to trial, a lawyer will advocate your case in the courtroom. In order to receive a favorable verdict, you need the representation of an attorney who is experienced in jury trial. Your lawyer will be involved in the entire legal process including fact-finding, preparing proper documentation, and representation in court hearings.

7.  We don’t get paid unless we win.

Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. A client may be responsible for certain expenses that do not directly relate to attorney services, Unless you recover compensation and win your case, you do not pay attorney fees.

6.  FREE consultation for your Personal Injury case.

Our firm offers a no-obligation, free initial consultation and case evaluation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact our firm to set up an appointment so you can consult with an attorney in office or by phone. This is an opportunity to discuss confidentially the details of your case, and get honest and expert advice and feedback. A personal injury attorney at our firm can give you information, answer questions, and provide options. If you believe you need an attorney, or if you are not sure, but need to talk your injury through with a lawyer, this is a great place to start.

5. A fair settlement for your injury.

Negotiating a settlement instead of going to trial may be in the best interest of your personal injury case.  If you choose to receive a payment instead of going to trial, you give up your right to sue, An attorney will make sure that you get the best settlement possible to which you are entitled.

4. An attorney will explore all options.

There are some legal alternatives to a case ending up in the courtroom and going to a trial. An attorney will provide options and suggestions for resolutions that may be faster, less expensive, easier, or less stressful. Mediation, or arbitration, for example, may be suitable alternatives. The bottom line is, the attorney who is familiar with your case and experienced in the Arizona personal injury law will be able to offer these alternative recommendations based on specific client or case needs.

3. An attorney knows the Personal Injury Law.

If you are involved in a personal injury claim or case, most likely it will involve complicated legal procedures, preparation of legal documents, confusing terms, much paperwork, and possibly a trial. Leave the representation to an expert who knows exactly how to protect your rights and execute an effective resolution to your case. The lawyers at our personal injury firm will work with a team who are experienced in investigating and examining the technical and possibly specialized areas of your case.

2. Experience matters.

Our attorneys have experience successfully representing personal injury cases in Arizona. Why does it matter that you hire an experienced attorney to represent your personal injury case? Our lawyers have

  • experience working with insurance companies
  • experience negotiating settlements
  • experience in Arizona personal injury law
  • trial experience
  • experience developing the best legal strategy to protect your rights and get you a fair compensation
  • experience assessing claims — they can help you determine if you should pursue legal action
  • experience in preparing for litigation

1. Support so that you can keep your focus on family, career, or health

Our dedicated legal team of professionals will help you to get your life back on track after an accident or injury. Sometimes is is not about the money/monetary compensation. Sometimes you just need an attorney to deal with the insurance company. Possibly you may need the assurance that your case is in good hands as you deal with healing and maintaining a family or career after your incident.

To relieve the pressure of the personal injury legal case itself, hire an expert. Hire a qualified, knowledgable, dedicated, experienced attorney who deals with personal injury law in Arizona daily. Our law office is equipped to effectively represent our personal injury clients so that they can put their focus on healing,

Our focus is on a win for your personal injury case.