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    I got bit by a dog, what do I do now?

    If a dog attack left you with a devastating injury, please contact My AZ Personal Injury Lawyers. Physical and emotional scars can be left for many years after the attack, in both children and adults. Most of the time, many victims never expect to be injured by a dog that they see as a friend or loved one. Many times, dog bites are caused by careless owners who don’t train their dogs responsibly to protect loved ones and/or strangers.

    If you or someone you know has been harmed/attacked from a dog attack, please call My AZ Personal Injury Lawyers in Peoria. My AZ Personal Injury Lawyers in Peoria has helped hundreds of victims in dog attack cases by holding at-fault parties responsible for the attack. Contact us today in Peoria and learn more how we can help you!


    Who’s Liable?

    • Arizona Law (ARS-11-1025) states that attacks and injuries caused by an owner’s pet holds the owner liable.
    • You also have the right to file a claim against the dog owner if you were attacked by their dog in a public place, or while lawfully on someone else’s property.
    • If the dog attacked you without its owner present, the owner is held responsible.
    • You don’t need any proof of the owner’s knowledge that the dog was harmful before you were injured.
    • Anyone who was attacked while trespassing on someone else’s property isn’t allowed to sue for any damages.

    How do I Recover?

    • The first thing you should do when recovering from your injuries, is to undergo an in-depth medical evaluation. This will determine the full extent of your injuries and what steps to take to recover.
    • If you suffered from life-threatening injuries, you most likely have already got emergency medical care, surgery, and some time in the hospital.
    • You should always stay in contact with you doctor to see your progress and determine if any complications can cause any harm to your health. Hospital bills, and being unable to work, can sometimes lead you into debt.

    What’s the Cost?

    • You can always receive compensation by filing a claim against the dog owner.
    • The compensation will pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and any other tolls the injury may cause in the future.
    • Most often, dogs are seen as a man’s “best friend,” but can also present extreme dangers to others by attacking.
    • Small dogs seem small and harmless, but can also cause serious damage to someone with of their sharp teeth.
    • A recovery can be difficult due to suffering from emotional and mental trauma caused by a violent dog attack.

    If you got bit by a dog, you may be suffering from:

    • Wound Infections

    • Blood Loss

    • Deep Cuts & Tears

    • Muscle & Tendon Damage

    • Broken Bones

    • Spinal Cord Damage

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