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    Auto Accidents in Sun City West

    Auto accidents and Truck/Auto claims are one of the leading personal injury claims in Sun City West. Consequently, a considerable number of these claims become lawsuits due to injury and damage. There are different types of vehicles that account for personal injury claims when an accident occurs. Each automobile accident and injury claim will be specific and distinct; auto accidents happen in many different ways, due to many different factors.

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    • Many causes of suffering and loss occur during car accidents involving motorists, pedestrians, or passengers.
    • Many things like mechanical failure, defective vehicles, or unsafe road can cause car accidents.
    • Car accidents are mostly caused by the driver being on their phone, or drowsiness, drunk driving, or not watching the road.
    • Establishing fault can be difficult at times, and more than one person can be responsible for the accident.
    • By Arizona’s comparative fault law, you still may be entitled to some compensation for damages if you are partially at fault.


    • The weight and force of a semi, 18 wheeler, or tractor trailer moving at a high speed can cause a tremendous impact when colliding with a smaller vehicle.
    • Significant injury and vehicle damage is unavoidable. In some accidents, fatalities are common.
    • It’s very common for a trucking company representative to arrive at the scene of the accident to interview witnesses, record statements, and gather evidence.
    • Trucking companies are alerted by GPS tracking systems or short wave radios to act quickly in order to protect their interests.


    • Motorcycles are unlike most other vehicles; they expose you to impact just like a bicycle.
    • Some of motorcycles’ vulnerabilities are their low visibility, and lack of structure to shield drivers during a collision.
    • Motorcycles are known to be fast, so sudden acceleration can make a motorcycle seemingly appear out of nowhere.
    • Many other larger vehicles block sight of a motorcycle; in most cases, the drivers had no clue the motorcycle was there until after the crash.
    • Drivers of motor vehicles have the same responsibility as with other vehicles when crashing into a motorcycle.

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